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Name Title Division Phone
(303-497 + ext)
Rotunno, Rich Program Director MMM 8904 rotunno
Fisher, Paula Division Administrator ASP 1328 paulad
Holzhauer, Vicki Administrative Assistant ASP 1851 vicki
Briggs, Scott Administrative Assistant ASP 1607 sbriggs
ASP Postdoctoral Fellows
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Name/Affiliation Ph.D. Research Phone
(303-497 + ext)
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Start Date
Kyle Augustson
University of Colorado, Boulder Observations and simulations of stellar magnetism and interior dynamics across the H-R diagram, from the Sun-like stars to massive O-type stars. 1507 kylea 1/2014
Victor Bayona
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain Development and application of numerical methods (meshless RBF, pseudospectral) to obtain high-order solutions for partial differential equations; mathematical modeling. 2484 vbayona 6/2014
David Bodine
University of Oklahoma My research interests include polarimetric radar observations, and dynamics and microphysics of deep convection. 2038 dbodine 10/2014
Kyla Dahlin
Stanford University CLM, savannah ecosystems 1720 kdahlin 10/2012
Minghui Diao
Princeton University anthropogenic influences on ice clouds. 1070 diao 9/2013
Leiqiu Hu
University of Kansas Urban climatology; remote sensing and GIS; temporal and spatial scaling; model validation by using remote sensing; climate change and its impact; geospatial analysis 2740 leiqiu 10/2014
Lisa Kaser
University of Innsbruck, Austria Atmospheric Chemistry, Measurements of volatile organic compounds in the troposphere especially in the planetary boundary layer, Ground level ozone formation, VOC/NOx ratio and spatial resolution of different photochemical regimes, Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, Eddy covariance emission measurements, Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry.istry, aircraft based measurements  1884 kaser 10/2014
Rajesh Kumar
University of Hamburg, Germany Regional modeling of tropospheric composition over Asia 1413 rkumar 1/2013
Anna Malanushenko
Montana State University Modeling Structure and Evolution of the Solar Coronal Magnetic Field 1505 anny 10/2014
Angeline Pendergrass
University of Washington Broadly, my research is on climate dynamics, change, and variability. In particular, I focus on precipitation and how it changes from the perspective of the atmospheric energy budget, especially atmospheric radiation. 1306 apgrass 1/2014
Jonathan Poterjoy
The Pennsylvania State University My interests include mesoscale and tropical meteorology, modeling, data assimilation and predictability. My proposal concerns questions regarding how to use observations to constrain nonlinear processes in geophysical models, as computational resources allow for large high-resolution ensembles. This work is applicable to scientists that use observed and modeled data to study dynamical systems.  1205 poterjoy 10/2014
Andreas Prein
Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria Simulation of extreme precipitation events in complex terrain. Evaluation of mesoscale climate models. Estimation of uncertainties in climate projections. Statistical modeling of extremes with extreme value theory. 8200 prein 12/2014
Mark Raleigh
University of Washington Snow/mountain hydrology: modeling, remote sensing, field observations, quantification of uncertainty 8381 raleigh 9/2013
Kristen Rasmussen
University of Washington Mesoscale meteorology, convective initiation, upscale development and organization of MCSs in South America, severe weather impacts, orographic precipitation, interaction of convection and the Andes Mountains, contribution to the climatological rain from extreme storms, slow-rise and flash flooding in Pakistan and India, WRF modeling of severe storms, and TRMM Precipitation Radar data.  8998 kristenr 1/2014
Kevin Reed
University of Michigan tropical cyclones, GCM devel., extreme events 1713 kareed 9/2013
Pablo Saide
University of Iowa My field of study is atmospheric sciences and chemistry, with a particular focus on regional weather and chemical transport modeling, aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions, satellite remote sensing and data assimilation 1880 saide 5/2015
Hyeyum (Hailey) Shin
Yonsei University I will analyze grid-size dependency of subgrid-scale (SGS) energy and transport in the gray zone of dry/moist convections, using LES and observations. Based on the analysis, I will suggest a conceptual design of a scale-aware SGS parameterization: for upcoming high-resolution modeling at resolution where the convections are partly resolved (i.e., in the so-called gray zone). 8993 hshin 11/2013
Diane Thompson
University of Arizona Using forward models to compare CGCM output with paleoclimate reconstructions and address uncertainties in each. Understanding the role of past temperature variability on the susceptibility of coral-reef ecosystems to stress and improving projections of coral-reef resilience to future climate change. Reconstructing tropical climate variability, particularly ENSO, from coral and lake archives. 1703 thompsod 1/2014
YangYang Xu
University of California, San Diego My research interests mainly focus on linkages between air pollutions and climate change, in particular in utilizing the state-of-the-art weather forecasting and global climate models and ground-based observational networks. 1743 yangyang 10/2014
Colin Zarzycki
University of Michigan Variable-resolution global modeling. 1381 zarzycki 9/2014
ASP Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellows
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Name/Affiliation Ph.D. Collaborative entity
Kathryn Conlon University of Michigan NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory
Centers for Disease Control
Micah Hahn University of Wisconsin - Madison NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory
Centers for Disease Control

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