Advanced Study Program Committees

ASP Internal Committees
ASP postdoctoral fellows provide ongoing advice to the Director and organize the Thompson Lectures, the ASP Seminar Series, and the Research Reviews. Membership on these Committees evolves from year to year as the fellows come and go from the program. Their current make-up can be found at the end of this page.

Advice from Outside NCAR
At their semiannual meetings the UCAR President's Advisory Council for University Relations (PACUR) ( provides the Director with external feedback and advice on the major ASP program elements: the Postdoctoral Fellowship, Graduate Visitor, and Faculty Fellowship programs. In addition, a PACUR subcommittee annually reviews the Faculty Fellowship applications and makes recommendations to the Director about selections.

Advice from NCAR Scientists
Ever year the NCAR Associate Directors nominate members of their scientific staff to serve on the Postdoctoral Fellowship Selection Committee. These nominees serve as the interface between the ASP and the NCAR scientific and technical staff at large. They also support the ASP Director in every aspect of the postdoctoral fellowship review and selection processes.

Research Review Committee

Kyle Aguston
Matthew Kumjian (RAL)

Cameron Homeyer (ACD)
Jeong-Hoo Park

Seminar Committee

Fang Fang (HAO)
Sara Hughes (RAL)
Rajesh Kumar (ACD)
Yumin Moon (MMM)
Jorge Salazar (EOL)
Hyeyum Shin (MMM)

Thompson Lecture Series Committee

Kyla Dahlin (CGD)
Minghui Diao (EOL)
Micah Hahn (RAL)
Corentin Hebert (IMAGe)
Hanna Lee (CGD)
Angie Pendergrass (CGD)
Kevin Reed
Shanlin Wang (CGD)
Will Weider (CGD)

Fellows Networking Committee

Jason English (CGD)
Micah Hahn (RAL)
Kathrin Haeusler (HAO)
Hanna Lee (CGD)
Ryan Neely (ACD)
Mark Raleigh
Diane Thompson (ISP)

ECSA Steering Committee

Stuart Bishop (CGD)

Mesa Lab

Mesa Lab

1850 Table Mesa Dr
Boulder, CO 80305
(303) 497-1000