Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) Postdoctoral Fellowships

The postdoctoral program provides an opportunity for recent-Ph.D. scientists to continue to pursue their research interests in atmospheric and related science. The program also invites postdoctoral physicists, chemists, applied mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, and specialists from related disciplines such as biology, geology, science education, economics, and geography, to apply their training to research in the atmospheric sciences.

Eligibility is limited to natives of IAI member countries who are within 5 years of receiving a doctoral degree from an institution in an IAI member country. Fellowships must be carried out in residence at NCAR and candidates should be fluent in verbal & written English.

So far the Advanced Study Program and the Inter-American Institute has jointly sponsored two postdocs,
Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova and Luciana Rizzo.

What is the IAI

The IAI is an intergovernmental organization supported by 19 countries in the Americas dedicated to pursuing the principles of scientific excellence, international cooperation, and the open exchange of scientific information to increase the understanding of global change phenomena and their socio-economic implications. The IAI pursues the principle of scientific excellence, international cooperation and the full and open exchange of scientific information relevant to global change. Their mission is "To develop the capacity of understanding the integrated impact of present and future global change on regional and continental environments in the Americas and to promote collaborative research and informed action at all levels."

With the recognition for the need to better understand the natural and social processes which drive large scale environmental change, the IAI encourages interactive exchanges between scientists and policy makers. The goal of the IAI is to augment the scientific capacity of the region and to providing information in a useful and timely manner to policy makers. Its primary objective is to encourage research beyond the scope of national programs by advancing comparative and focused studies based on scientific issues important to the region as a whole.

The United States National Science Foundation hosted the IAI Secretariat from September 1994 until September 1996. Afterwards, the IAI became fully operational at the IAI Directorate located in the campus of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) in São José dos Campos , Brazil . (in March of 1996) (from the IAI website

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