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The Warner Internship for Scientific Enrichment (WISE)

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The Graduate Student Visitor Program is designed to provide NCAR staff opportunities to bring graduate students to NCAR for 3 to 12-month collaborative visits with the endorsement of their thesis advisors and in pursuit of their thesis research. These visits have the goal of enhancing NCAR partnerships with other public and private institutions.

Any NCAR staff member may apply for ASP Graduate Student Visitor support for a named student visitor, project, and thesis advisor using the Graduate Student Visitor Application Form. Students cannot apply. Graduate students should work with their thesis advisor to identify the appropriate NCAR staff sponsor, or contact the Advanced Study Program staff for advice. The ASP will be happy to work with interested students/advisors to identify NCAR staff members who may be willing to sponsor a Graduate Visitor.

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The length of the visit should be appropriate for the purpose of the visit. Visitor awards will be limited to travel expenses for the student and a Temporary Living Per Diem stipend of $2000/month for living costs. Temporary Living Per diem will be taxable by IRS codes if the student does NOT maintain a separate household at their home institution. If the student is maintaining two households (duplicate living expenses), the Temporary Living Per Diem will not be taxed. If the student chooses to drive, the ASP will reimburse the student a flat rate of $750.

In addition, travel expenses will be supported for the student’s thesis advisor for visits up to 2 weeks. If the student is in residence at NCAR for longer than 6 months, two advisor visits of up to 2 weeks each will be supported.

Support for the graduate student’s salary and benefits must be borne by the university granting their degree.


  • Visits must be for a minimum of 3 consecutive months and a maximum of 12 months. No split visits will be allowed.
  • While students in a Master's degree program will be considered, students enrolled in a Ph. D. program are preferred.
  • Selection will be based on three criteria:
    1. The appropriateness and need for a student visit to NCAR as part of their thesis work (this is the foremost consideration)
    2. The attention to student mentoring accompanying the proposed visit
    3. The connection of the visit to enhanced research opportunities for groups underrepresented in the atmospheric and related sciences
  • In general, only one proposal from an NCAR staff sponsor is allowed per year.
  • Students are entitled to travel funds to and from Boulder. No travel funds will be provided for additional trips to their home institution or elsewhere.
  • Preference will be given to students from UCAR Members and Affiliates. Foreign applications are considered, but the host program or the home institution should consider providing some co-sponsorship to offset the additional expenses. Preference will also be given to students that have not previously had long-term visits to NCAR before.
  • ASP will not cover the cost of any salary or benefits. If your student is foreign, please provide information about the source and funding of the student's health insurance.
  • Please ensure that the student's salary is sufficient for the cost of living in Boulder. In some cases, foreign students are not allowed to receive stipends while out of the country, so the host program may need to consider providing some sort of additional compensation to the student. The ASP will not provide any supplemental support, but will require that the student visitor is adequately supported by their home institution and/or host division.
  • ASP does not have space or GAUS available for these visitors. The host division must provide those. Computers may be available from ASP for the visit, but support is provided by the host division.
  • Administrative support for the visitors will be provided by both the host division and ASP.
  • Graduate student visitors will have direct access to the NCAR computers and the library, and will obtain appropriate access to other research facilities through the NCAR host. Special needs, such as laboratory facilities, computers and GAUS should be arranged in advance of the visit by the NCAR host.
  • The advisor's visit must occur during the student's stay at NCAR, not before or after. A visit by an advisor is not required.
  • Applications may be submitted directly to the ASP, but the host division or program must also receive a copy of the proposal so they may plan accordingly.
  • Due to our internal travel regulations, we cannot support students from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The Warner Internship for Scientific Enrichment (WISE)

As an additional source of funding for any interested graduate student visitors, the Warner Internship for Scientific Enrichment (WISE) was created in memory of Professor Tom Warner by the Research Applications Laboratory and Advanced Study Program of NCAR.

Combining research and service to society, in the spirit of the Professor's approach to science, the Warner Internship for Scientific Enrichment (WISE) offers graduate student opportunities to engage in direct exposure to a broad range of atmospheric research applications and impacts enhancing the student's appreciation for the role of science in service to society.

WISE honors Dr. Warner's personal commitment to the education and mentoring of students and professionals in the atmospheric sciences by providing support to graduate student education and outreach. WISE internships are funded through donations and the first WISE internship was awarded in the fall of 2012.

In addition to the selection criteria for the Graduate Student Visitor Program, WISE candidates will be selected based on the applicant's strength to clearly define a two-week plan that promotes service mindfulness through diversity and inclusion activities and/or technology transfer activities. Selected WISE interns will receive a $2500 addition to their Temporary Living Per Diem stipend for their participation in the WISE program.

For more information about this internship, please see

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Paula Fisher at, x1328.

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