Faculty Fellowship Program

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Deadline for submission will be, October 31, 2016

program goals

  • To provide opportunities and resources for faculty employed at universities, with an emphasis on UCAR member universities and academic affiliates and early career faculty, to work in residence at NCAR, and
  • To enable NCAR Scientists (Staff, Project, and Associate Scientists including Senior Research Associates) to spend a period of time in residence at US universities, with the same emphasis on UCAR member universities and UCAR academic affiliates.

Students or Postdoctoral Research Fellows associated with the university faculty member may also spend periods in residence at NCAR. Some Faculty Fellowship Program funds may be available to support their expenses, or related costs associated with undergraduate students conducting research with faculty applicants. Postdoctoral Research Fellows are also encouraged to apply to the ASP postdoctoral fellowship programs.

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Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All faculty employed full time at a college or university are eligible to apply, but faculty from UCAR member universities and academic affiliates are particularly encouraged to apply and will be given preference in the selection process. Diversity concerns will also be addressed in the selection process. The university-placement component of the Program is limited to US institutions and is open to all NCAR scientific staff, who must also comply with the procedures for scientific and professional leaves as detailed in UCAR Policy 6-11. NCAR Scientists participating in the FFP must spend at least one year at NCAR upon returning from their FFP sponsored leave.

An application will consist of,

  • A 2-page curriculum vitae,
  • A three to five-page prospectus outlining the nature of the research to be  out at NCAR, or equivalently at the designated university, and
  • Application and budget form describing the anticipated costs, including a clear demarcation between costs to the Program and those being covered by other sources.
  • Letters of support for the proposed visit from both the home and and prospective host institutions. Letters from the home institution are typically written by a department chair, director, or dean.

The UCAR Presidents AdvisoryCommittee on University Relations (PACUR) will review the applications. Evaluation criteria include the scientific merit of the proposal, the potential for applicant career development, the promise of fruitful and lasting interactions between NCAR and a University faculty member, the potential for increasing diversity in the atmospheric and related sciences, and the involvement of a UCAR member university or academic affiliate. The PACUR will provide the ASP Director with a ranked list of applications, from which the ASP Director will make her/his selections based upon programmatic and financial considerations, intrinsic merit, and the broader impacts for achieving the goals of the Program, including the desired establishment of bi-directional exchanges.

There is no limit to the number of times any individual may apply. There are no set quotas. The duration of an appointment may not exceed one year, and it may not be less than three months. Your visit must be for a minimum of three consecutive months, and it cannot be split into more than one visit. Stays of less than three months are considered through NCAR’s Visitor Program, and are administered directly through the NCAR Divisions and Programs. Appointments in excess of one year require a formal employment agreement between the individual and NCAR.

Appointments for university applications will be made on an annual basis.

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