Early Career Summer Workshop on Geoengineering: July 20-24, 2015.

Simone Tilmes (NCAR)
Alan Robock (Rutgers)
Ben Kravitz (PNNL)
Andrew Conley (NCAR)
Michael Mills (NCAR)
Linda Mearns (NCAR)
Jon Egill Kristjansson (University of Oslo)

The Advanced Study Program (ASP) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is hosting a one-week summer workshop for up to 20 early career scientists on geoengineering the Earth's climate with a focus on solar radiation management. The goal of the workshop is to introduce interested participants to the topic of geoengineering, critically review the research that has been done in recent years, and discuss present and future research directions.

The first two days of the workshop will consist of lectures and discussions. In the following two days, the ASP summer workshop will be integrated into the Fifth Annual Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP) Workshop. Typically 30 scientists participate in these meetings each year, reviewing their latest results and making plans for future activities. The participants will actively communicate with some of the leading climate scientists in the world, sharing their work during breakouts and poster sessions, and will be motivated to take part in the discussion on future GeoMIP experiments proposed for CMIP6.
     During the workshop, participants will address questions on uncertainties, benefits, and risks of climate change with and without geoengineering and will be motivated to work on arguments for and against geoengineering research and experiments, including discussions on adaption and mitigation efforts. Those arguments will be discussed at the last day of the workshop.

Geoengineering workshop agenda
GeoMIP agenda

Reading material:

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National Academy of Sciences report: Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth [Free download of pdf of report]

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More in depth reading material:


National Academy of Sciences Climate Intervention Reports

GeoMIP publications: 

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Alan Robock geoengineering publications:


We expect all participants to prepare a poster on the work they have been doing to present during the workshop. The maximum size for your poster should be 4' x 4' (~1.2 meters), anything larger than that will not fit on the poster boards that will be provided.

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