Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA)

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Writing Proposals to Secure Grants.
1:30 p.m. Monday April 28, 2014
FL 2 Large Auditorium

William A. Cooper
Senior Scientist Emeritus, NCAR

I will present opinions, developed during a varied research-scientist career, on what helps a proposal succeed and what advice might be useful to early-career investigators. My advice is based primarily on my experience as a program office at the NSF but also from other roles in my career, including as a university faculty member, an NCAR scientist, and for almost 10 years a postdoc advisor as director of the Advanced Study Program. The talk will have three main parts: how to develop the project idea, how to develop a detailed project design, and how to avoid common problems when writing the proposal. My comments focus also on suggested ways to use grants to further your career, how to learn about grant opportunities, and how to communicate with program officers. I hope that this talk might be useful to those who expect to seek grants to fund parts of their research.


Looking for Funding? Take a Strategic Perspective.
1:30 p.m. Tuesday May 13, 2014
Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room

Greg Holland
Senior Scinetist & Section Head
NCAR Earth System Laboratory
Regional Climate Research

The tactical approach to funding; eagerly scanning the announcements for something that might work, then repackaging an old proposal to see if it will fit is clearly not working. Success rates have plummeted in the past couple of decades, falling as low as 10% in some disciplines. In this chat and discussion - which will include no overheads - we will consider how to take a more strategic view, developing relationships and establishing new directions. While this takes time to get going, in the long run we shall see it is by far the best approach.

Bill Randel's ARG process presentaiton to the ECSA.

Recordings of recent panel discussions
The NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly and UCAR Communications sponsored two recent panel discussions. Links to the videos below.
Talking with Reporters
Talking with Potential Funders


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Many of these forums relate to issues raised in the Report on the "Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit to UCAR/NCAR/UOP". Therefore ECSA and NCAR women scientists are working together to promote these forums.

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The NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) provides a forum to discuss career development topics and to host scientific leaders in the atmospheric sciences. The ECSA is a subsection of the NCAR Scientist Assembly and is composed of Scientists I/II, Project Scientists I/II, Research Engineers I/II, Associate Scientists, and Postdoctoral Scientists. We have representation at the executive committee of the NCAR Scientist Assembly, so we can help guide actions taken by NCAR scientists as a group.

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