Summer Colloquia

Every year ASP hosts a summer colloquium designed for graduate students. We favor subjects that represent new or rapidly developing areas of research for which good course material may not yet be available. The colloquium brings together lecturers and graduate students to NCAR for two weeks for classroom presentations and other forms of instruction and interaction. The workshop generally includes about 25 student participants, and several lecturers from NCAR and the community at large. In recent years, the colloquia have included both lectures and hands on tutorials with student projects.

2017 - The Interaction of Precipitation with Orography (IPRO)

2016 - Advances in Air Quality Analysis and Prediction: The Interaction of Science and Policy
2015 - Climate, space climate, and couplings between
2014 - Uncertainty in climate change research: An integrated approach
2013 - Carbon-climate connections in the earth system
2012 - The Weather-Climate Intersection: Advances and Challenges (CGD/NOAA-ESRL/SUNY-Albany)
2011 - Statistical Assessment of Extreme Weather Phenomena under Climate Change (RAL/MMM/IMAGe)
2010 - Asia in the 21st Century (ISP)
2010 - Forecast Verification in the Atmospheric Sciences and Beyond (RAL)
2009 - Exploring the Atmosphere: Observational Instruments and Techniques (EOL/CSU/UWyo)
2009 - Marine Ecosystems and Climate: Modeling and Analysis of Observed Variability (CGD)
2008 - Numerical Techniques for Global Atmospheric Models (CGD)
2007 - Regional Biogeochemistry: Needs and Methodologies (TIIMES)
2006 - The Art of Climate Modeling (CGD)
2006 - The Challenge of Convective Forecasting (MMM)
2005 - Space Weather (HAO)
2004 - Atmospheric Remote Sensing Using the Global Positioning System (COSMIC)
2004 - Climate and Health (ISSE)
2003 - Data Assimilation for Atmospheric and Climate System Prediction (MMM)
2002 - Interactions among Aerosols, Climate, and the Hydrological Cycle (CGD)
2001 - The Tropical Atmosphere and Oceans (CGD)
2001 - Topical Meeting on Meteorological Optics
2000 - Dynamics of Decadal to Centennial Climate Variability (CGD)
1999 - Ice Formation in the Atmosphere (MMM)
1998 - Hurricanes at Landfall (NOAA)
1997 - A Systems Approach to El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) (ESIG)
1996 - Terrestrial Ecosystems & the Atmosphere (CSMP/CU)
1995 - The Planetary Boundary Layer and its Parmeterization (MMM)
1994 - Current Trends in Solar and Astrophysical Magnetohydrodynamics (HAO)
1993 - Clouds and Climate (CGD)
1992 - Observational Techniques in Atmospheric Sciences (ACD/ATD/MMM/RAP)
1991 - Research Problems in Atmospheric Chemistry (ACD)
1991 - Synoptic and Mesoscale Meterology Instruction Workshop (Unidata/COMET/STORM)
1990 - Mesoscale Data Assimilation (MMM)
1989 - Observational Techniques and Data Interpretation in Solar Physics (HAO)
1988 - Synoptic Meteorology (MMM)
1988 - Workshop on Synoptic Meteorology Instruction
1987 - Dynamics of Low-frequency Phenomena in the Atmosphere (CGD)
1986 - Chemistry of the Lower and Middle Atmosphere (ACD)
1984 - Dynamics of Mesoscale Weather Systems (AAP)
1980 - The CHON Photochemistry of the Troposphere (Atmospheric Quality Division)
1978 - The General Circulation: Theory, Modeling and Observations
1976 - Weather Forecasting and Weather Forecasts: Models, Systems, and Users (Numerical Weather Prediction Project/Environmental and Societal Impacts Group)
1975 - The Stratosphere and Mesosphere: Dynamics, Physics and Chemistry (Upper Atmosphere Project)
1974 - Subsynoptic Extratropical Weather Systems (Small Scale Analysis and Prediction Project)
1973 - The Biosphere and the Atmosphere: Models and Interactions
1972 - Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere (Garp Task Group)
1971 - Planetary Magnetospheres and Auroras (NOAA/CU)
1970 - Microphysics and Dynamics of Convective Clouds
1969 - Solar Magnetohydrodynamics (HAO/CU)
1968 - Internal Gravity and Acoustic Waves (CU)
1967 - Solar Corona (CU)
1966 - Thermal Convection

Special Colloquium

2006 - Joint IAI/ASP Colloquium - Policy Planning and Decision Making Involving Climate Change and Variability


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