Summer Colloquium 2011


Statistical Assessment of Extreme Weather Phenomena under Climate Change

June 6-24, 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Researcher Application deadline is March 28, 2011


Eric Gilleland, Greg Holland, Rick Katz (NCAR), Arun Kumar (NOAA), Mike Patterson (US CLIVAR), Balaji Rajagopalan (CU Boulder)

Training in use of extreme value analysis to assess how frequency, duration, and intensity of
extreme weather events could shift as part of global climate change.
  • Analyzing how extreme events and their impacts evolve over time
  • Extracting extreme events from coarse resolution models that cannot explicitly resolve extremes using techniques such as statistical downscaling
  • Use of extreme value distributions (justified through statistical theory of extreme values)
  • Special characteristics of meteorological processes

    -- Estimating return levels under non-stationarity
    -- Model resolution vs. scales where extreme events occur
    -- Weather spells such as heat waves or droughts
    -- Temporal and spatial clustering of extremes
  • Two tutorials on extreme value analysis, one on basic statistical theory and another on its implementation using open source statistical language R
  • Invited lecturers will discuss extreme value analysis from differing perspectives of atmospheric science, statistics, risk analysis, hydrology and other areas
  • Students will work in groups on well-defined, but open-ended research projects
  • Designed for graduate students who have completed at least one year of graduate-level study in atmospheric science, statistics, risk analysis, hydrology, or related field
  • Ideally students should have some training in statistics, but no prior experience using extreme value analysis is required
  • ASP will fund travel and local expenses for about 25 student participants
Researcher colloquium:
  • More information regarding the researcher portion of this colloquium can be downloaded here,
  • A new component of the ASP Colloquium designed to explore science frontiers
  • US CLIVAR will help organize to provide focus for research agenda on extremes
  • Separate application process to fund travel and local expenses for 20 to 25 early career to senior researchers
  • Students will attend both the Researcher and Student portions of the Colloquium

Group photo of the colloquium participants


Week 1 Agenda (updated 5/26/2011)
Week 1 Talks
Week 2 Agenda
Week 2 Talks

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