Summer Colloquium 2010


Asia in the 21st Century

A joint ASP summer colloquium with the NCAR Integrated Science Program

Steve Massie, Elisabeth Holland (NCAR Earth Systems Laboratory)
Rong Fu (University of Texas, Austin)

August 1 - 13, 2010, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.


How the global community lessens the degree of global warming this century is dependent upon unfolding stories of individual nations' population, industrialization effluent emission, and land-use trends. The 2010 ASP Summer Colloquium "Asia in the 21st Century" will focus upon a region of the world whose influence, both in economic and environmental terms, is increasing in importance.

The Colloquium will discuss population, economic, industrialization, transportation, and atmospheric emission trends. The use of Integrative Assessment Models, applied as a tool to integrate physical, economic, and social influences, will be highlighted. The physics and interconnections of global warming, biogeochemical, and hydrological cycles, will be discussed. Energy themes such as coal consumption, CO2 sequestration, the costs of technological change, and alternative energy sources also will be discussed. Speakers from various fields and nations will share a wide range of perspectives. To provide students with an opportunity to implement ideas from the lectures, students will work in groups on small, well‚Äźdefined research projects.

This colloquium is designed for Graduate students who have completed at least one year of studies in atmospheric science, energy engineering, or the social sciences. ASP will fund travel and local expenses for about 25 student participants during the Summer Colloquium.

Streaming videos of the colloquium presentations.

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